Kat Mack Photography offers edited video packages of images from photography sessions that capture special moments in people's lives. Adding video to a package provides a beautiful means of easily sharing images with storytelling and music.

Our latest videos showcase some of the Senior Portraits by Kat Mack. Are you in the Class of 2017? Book now for your Elite or Basic Senior Portrait Session!


For more videos by Kat Mack Photography, visit to the studio's YouTube channel

  • Gomez Surprise Proposal

  • Cody Warren

  • Sacheen

  • Lee SR

  • Alderman Family

  • Baby Lylah

  • Russell Family

  • Hart Family

  • William Class of 2014

  • Little Family

  • Ruiz SR

  • Cobb

  • Sanger Victoria

  • Hinjosa

  • Vargas Family