Memories, moments and milestones...

How do we capture those? Photographer Kat Mack brings her skill, expertise and passion to your portrait session to help define who her clients are. 

High School Seniors

Their portraits are milestones as they make their mark in life. This is the pivotal moment when a child becomes a young adult. These portraits convey the essence of a person in a way that might not be apparent every day when looking in the mirror. Photographer Kat Mack sees the impact these moments make in parents’ lives too.

“When they see these pictures, a Mom or Dad might cry because they realize this isn’t their little baby with the missing tooth or the scab on the knee. Now, they are a young adult,” she says. “When you look at these pictures, all of those memories come flooding back to you. You sit back and you’re proud of your accomplishment as a parent, as you are watching this person go from a little kid to an adult going off to college. Your job has been completed. This person has matured into a young man or young woman moving on to the next phase in their life, capable of doing their own things.”

Family Photography

Portraits of children is not just about looking cute. For photographer Kat Mack, it’s about understanding her subject’s personality and bringing that out for the portraits. When she recognizes she has captured the individual, she shows the mother the image. “Look at this picture right here,” Kat says. “It’s just a look. It’s fleeting and it’s a quick glance, but you get a window into the future of who this kid is. I even see that with little ones.”

As an experienced portrait photographer, Kat Mack knows how to put the whole family at ease during a session and is known to sometimes act like the crazy aunt who makes you laugh.

Whether your shoot is on location or a studio session, Kat listens to understand how her clients want to look. She devotes a lot of passion into her craft, bringing to her clients the images that exceed expectations.

Kat Mack Photography is a full-service studio with access to high-end, top-quality print products, such as wall collections and professionally designed albums. These products commemorate milestones with heirloom quality.